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Stephen Leeb's forecast on gold prices jump

Stephen Leeb's forecast on gold prices jump

The web portal King World News publishes several interviews on economic topics, focusing especially on precious metals. Within the recent past, the American economist Stephen Leeb, who has authored several books and articles, conducted an interview with this portal where he shared his vision on the current situation in the gold market and gold prices.

Leeb's suppositions are based on the great interest toward this metal from a number of countries, specially China. The expert reminded that China has been concealing information about its real gold reserves amount, given the fact that the government of the country published the last report about its gold reserves as much as 6 years ago. This fact has given ground on conjectures – experts believe Chinese gold reserve has been increasing ever since. One thing is certain, namely, the government of China works on diversifying reserves in different currencies, the biggest part of which is in dollars.



After analyzing the situation, especially the fact that China has come into play establishing a benchmark in gold prices, Leeb came to the conclusion that if China starts using gold along with fiat currency, gold prices could skyrocket to $10 000 or $15 000, which will give way to a gold bull market, the strongest since the Industrial Revolution.


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